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Making a positive change in your organisation (and the world). 

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Sally Gray

Hi, I’m Sally and I’m a sustainability, ESG and future of work expert.

I help people and organisations bridge the gap that (almost always) separates the desire for change, from the reality of actually achieving that change. My mission is to build ethical and responsible organisations powered by people doing good, meaningful work.
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Real solutions,
for real humans. 

Good Work takes sustainability consultancy to a deeper, more personal level and empowers clients to challenge ingrained assumptions — and ask more of their organisations.

I offer a variety of services that can be catered to the complexities of your specific challenge.
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Strategic Advice

Work at a leadership level to develop holistic and meaningful strategies that are both positively disruptive and impactful.

Individual Coaching

Work on a personal basis to challenge assumptions, fulfil ambitions and overcome common barriers to change.

Group Facilitation

Work with your team to develop a vision and explore how to approach collective work at a deeper level.
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People I've worked with...

"Sally is a great thinking partner. She is hugely well informed in her subject but carries it lightly. There is a sense in which you arrive at some conclusions and committed plans for action as if born on a gentle breeze and softly placed where you never knew you needed to be, but suddenly feel well at home. And while you are mid-thought, there is a safety there to explore and challenge and be wrong and to know it is all fine."

Richard Martin

Director, Byrne Dean

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